AI's Reinforcement learning is first door to Robot Apocalypse
by ghostpel - Tuesday September 19, 2023 at 01:48 AM
"As long as humans exist, everything could be a weapon"

For people who don't know reinforcement learning is a type of machine learning method where an intelligent agent interacts with the environment and learns to act within that. Reinforcement learning provides both qualitative and quantitative frameworks for understanding and modeling adaptive decision-making in the face of rewards and punishments. This discovery process is akin to a trial-and-error search. The quality of actions is measured by not just the immediate reward they return, but also the delayed reward they might fetch. As it can learn the actions that result in eventual success in an unseen environment without the help of a supervisor, reinforcement learning is a very powerful algorithm.
Many algorithms work brilliantly in simulations with physical robots. Without realizing it, many physical robots are equipped with weapons. but engineers haven't/don't put AI into their robots, and what if someone is crazy enough to put deep learning into these armed robots? is that impossible? lets talk about it
Incorporating deep learning and reinforcement learning into armed robots introduces ethical, safety, and legal complexities, highlighting the need for careful consideration to ensure responsible and ethical use of such technology.
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