Anime Crush Alert: Your #1 Anime Crush!
by whoam12 - Friday December 15, 2023 at 10:13 AM
Who's ur ultimate anime crush? Whether they're cool, cute, or crazy, share your heartthrobs and gush about why they make your heart race. Share some memorable scenes and swoon-worthy moments!
Hard pick between @pongo and @Richie.
(12-16-2023, 11:25 PM)Kyrie Wrote: Hard pick between @pongo and @Richie.

I pick @Richie all day everyday. I mean to be fair he is the richest and best hacker on the forum..
[Image: l0xgkt9q.gif]
my niggas who not black: @IntelBroker @Aegis @cuck @govhunter
Iris from Fire Force <3
My 1st anime crush used to be Sinon from Sword Art Online since she's a very good sniper, but so many waifus are in the anime, manga, manhua and manhwa communities that I decided to make them equal for my #1 crushes.

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