BF reputation
by IamZ - Saturday September 16, 2023 at 03:10 PM
How did RF or now BF become so known and "popular" forum?
What method did the owners/admins use to spread word about this forum?
Да здравствует помпонпурин, и пошел ты на хуй @Jonathandata1

[Image: xmGT2PM.png]
Name recognition and using the same theme.

It's those hot default avatars, yo!
Users on the forum market it using their activities
Don't forget good data!
BreachForums saw a lot of traffic because it was released immediately after the classic RaidForums was shut down.
Formerly @‍God, but that username was stolen from me.
Because of the long history
Also, the professionalism of managers like Pom
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