Doxing using free tools?
by MOYAGOLUBUSHKA - Sunday February 11, 2024 at 02:16 PM
When you guys looking to dox someone what utils would you use ofc other than looking him on facebook and searching in google ?
u just need google my friend , no tools required
[Image: sd34gpuv.jpg]
(02-11-2024, 02:17 PM)netnsher Wrote: u just need google my friend , no tools required

Some time ago found out about Maltego but its pretty shit for finding pepole its more about finding references to websites
Hope this helps
(02-12-2024, 03:18 AM)costraven Wrote:

Great list! Thx for sharing. I'm going through this at the moment.
I can say that it is the best tool I have ever tried
No real tools needed for doxxing, you can just use google. Learn how to do google dorking and you'll have a lot of info on your target.
social media, google, discord, youtube, truepeoplesearch, 0trocks, lots of free tools you dumb dumb
kudos for both github links above + osint dojo

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