HacktheBox or TryHackMe?
by insidious100 - Tuesday September 19, 2023 at 04:46 PM
A friend of mine is starting out fresh with hacking and I honestly can't pick one I like more. was wondering if someone else could help me out with a suggestion to give him and why. keep in mind he's a noob
None do it in the real world much better think outside the box
The choice between HTB and TryHackMe depends on your goals and skill level. HTB is ideal for those seeking challenging, real-world experiences with less guidance, while TryHackMe is well-suited for beginners and individuals who prefer structured, guided learning.
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Try Hack Me - KInder and easier to grasp topics from easy to hard rooms. One step at a time. I would suggest your friend to take this up

Hack The Box - You learn a shit ton while doing a room. You might get overwhelmed
I agree with what everyone else in this thread has been saying. Hack The Box Labs are a bit more intermediate - advanced. Try Hack me has a lot of simple introduction rooms. I'll add that one thing I like about Hack The Box is their education platform. Hack The Box Academy has a great list of learning modules that are extremely detailed. So even if you go with Try Hack Me, which I recommend you do, maybe still take a look at the Hack The Box Academy modules for learning specific things you're interested in.
Thanks a lot for the insight everone thathelps a lot
Is it just me who thinks that Hack the Box Academy is the most boring thing ever seen in hacking coursework? I can barely stand their courses. They are badly explained, never ending and dry. Yes they teach each subject in depth but I want to shoot myself everytime I try their modules.
I think it's been made clear already , if the person starting out is a complete beginner, then Try Hack Me is a better option as it takes you and guides you step by step through everything you're learning and once you think you are confident enough to take on indepedent boxes, then HTB can be useful in learning and getting more handson experience.

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