by Cobcobcobgemgem - Wednesday September 20, 2023 at 09:04 AM
What is it about HasanAbi that makes breachies seethe so much? Is it envy?

>One of the biggest streamers
>1.1 million subscribers on YouTube alone
>Twice that many followers on Twitch
>Regularly pulls in 500 thousand views on his Twitch streams
>A whole army of intelligent zoomers soon to vote in the next elections

It is clear that Communism is on the rise, far faster than your incel ideology ever will be.

>More than half of zoomers embrace socialism more than capitalism

Clearly the people have spoken, and they have spoken for communism.

To add more salt in the wounds of the salty breachies… did Hasan just BTFO all the breachforums' great replacement bullshit?

>Dismantles arguments about how Jews are in charge of it all
>Dismantles that race even exists and is a social construct
>Explains how mainstream media virtue signals to them and how their ideas aren't that niche and obscure
>Explains the entire history of the concept of race
>How Capitalism oppresses black people more then white people because that's what billionaires and the bourgeoisie wants
>Explains how anti-semitism is the fools populism
How do (You) refute all these arguments? He literally actually has the brain to back his arguments up instead of the breachie "MUH JOOOOOS"

>inb4 sage
>inb4 people bring up Hitler or some dumb shit
>inb4 someone says whites are superior because 13/50 or some dumb shit like that

Actually refute his arguments... I'll wait.

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