He hacks the QR codes on cookie boxes!
by Ag0stin0 - Monday September 18, 2023 at 10:04 AM
The incident took place in the United Kingdom and pertains to four varieties of Paw Patrol cookies. The Lidl retail chain has issued a recall notice for the affected products, advising consumers not to visit the website indicated by the QR code found on the children's packaging. The QR code has been tampered with, although no information has been provided regarding the source of this tampering. The URL in question is "appykidsco," which now redirects to numerous explicit and primarily Chinese-origin pornographic advertisements. The domain is registered under the name of an individual located in Lianyungang, China. Prior to its redirection, the URL belonged to the company responsible for Paw Patrol products, which disappeared from the scene in June 2022. Source.
this is just sick. we are talking about kids' snacks here, why would people do that?
Very interested to hear how this was achieved. Expired domain, or server hack?
Formerly @‍God, but that username was stolen from me.
The fact that people may actually care enough to scan a QR code on a box of cookies never even crossed my mind, schools of people in trench coats storming groceries stores when?

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