I am not schizophrenic. I am based.
by Lovelnuo - Friday November 17, 2023 at 07:56 PM
Since there is no test to prove neurochemically that a person has schizophrenia or that schizophrenia even exists, there is no foolproof way to prove I do not have it either. This makes it difficult in my experience to “prove” I do not have an illness that someone claims I “have” because it is hard to defend myself against charges that can be made by anyone and then backed up by almost nothing.

Before I go further with this, let me give you reasons why I say this. I was recently hospitalized with a severe headache, and giving no symptoms of schizophrenia and voicing no delusions whatsoever. However I mentioned that I had attended medical school in my past. Little did I know that because the attending physician had read in my chart of my past diagnosis of schizophrenia, he did not believe me, and diagnosed me with schizophrneia and not only that but delusional disorder!

I cannot convince anyone I dont "have" schizophrenia if they are not willing to believe it, but I can do my best to present myself in a good light. In that fashion, I can make a good case for myself. I have a witness so if I am "labelled" with schizophrenia anyway, someone else can help me fight the designation in any appeal.

Please, if you do not believe me, check out whether or not there is any ironclad test to diagnose schizohrenia before you undergo any scans or test. Because they cannot test anyone, they cannot prove one has or does not have this problem. In fact there is no clear consensus as to what schizohrenia really is.
There were some interesting websites I had visited in the past that were saying that schizophrenia in many cultures is seen as a spiritual experience and many people recover well when met with acceptance. That being said I have no clue of how this condition is diagnosed or if there are objective tests to look for it.
All schizophrenics think they are based. Is part of the syndrome. Abnormal understanding of reality.

Best of luck!

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