Regarding old BreachForums domains.
by Baphomet - Friday June 16, 2023 at 08:25 PM
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Hello Everyone.

For those somehow not in the loop, I wanted to put out a clear message. We have established the community once again, at This is our only domain, no other domains should be trusted.

Now for the main part of this update, I wanted to address some concerns relating to the old Breached domains that are attempting to discredit our community.

If you look at , you'll see a message that blantantly says "Any forums claiming to be "Breached" or "BreachForums" should be used with caution. BreachForums will never return". As well as a recent addition of an old PGP-Signed update I provided shortly after pom's arrest saying that the forum will not be coming back for any reason and if it does that you should assume its an attempt to target our users.

To make it clear for everyone, the old domains were taken pretty shortly after Pom's arrest. Myself nor Pom would have access to them at this point. The type of person who would have access to it would be a group who glows, or maybe even glows by association. The domains were hosting nothing for the months following Pom's arrest, but then a couple weeks ago when it started getting around that I might be working with Shiny on a new forum - a random nginx default page shows up on the domain. Then - day of the forum launch - the above message is put on the index page. The timing was obviously planned and targeted to immediately try to discredit our community right at the start. Even now the random additional pages added seem like some group trying to fit in with our community by mentioning specific users that have been meme'd on plenty.

The old PGP-signed message - where I say the forum won't be coming back is a bit out of context. That was sent out a week after Pom's arrest, and I was worried about a situation similar to RF where the site comes back under the same domain and attempts to trick users into entering their information or setting up some type of honeypot. It's been months since that announcement, and anyone who has been following my updates knows I've been trying to reach out to other people in an attempt to start the community back up. It wasn't until recently in working with Shiny that now seemed like the time applicable to do so. The point still stands that nothing that comes up on those domains should be treated as trusted, as again - it's outside my control.

As much as I enjoy talking with an index page, there is not going to be much value going back and forth with the individual(s), as they control the domains, they have access to the old database backups, and they likely have Pom's machine. The more I engage, the more they'll use the information they have to cause doubt and spread fear. I'm not saying that people should blindly believe everything I say, you should always verify things for yourselves. However I would ask that you also don't blindly believe things that are obviously questionable in their intent.

I've continued to release PGP-signed messages, use my domain, and my Telegram as I outlined from the start. I think I've proven I'm here for the long term, and as far as I'm aware not asked the community to do anything that puts them at risk. That being said, I'm sure this campaign against us will continue attacking the forum and the staff because that's all that is left for them to do. As always, use your brain - practice good opsec - and enjoy the forum. Again, the only domain to for the forum at this time is . Any other domains will be officially verified by the current administration team.

- - Baph

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