Is Blank Grabber the best cookie logger ?
by Mimibienv - Friday June 16, 2023 at 06:40 PM
Hi! Recently, I was searching for good cookie loggers and I found one which looked awesome: the Blank Grabber ( So what I've done is simple: I cookie logged myself and it sent me pretty much everything on my PC via a discord webhook: My adress, my IP, my discord token, my cookies, my browser saved passwords, and so much more.
And I was wondering whether it was the best free cookie logger out there.
Let me know if you've got an even better one!
Looks interesting, I'll look into it. Seems pretty heavyweight.
Alright lol. BTW, the only problem with this cookie logger is that it is an executable file, so it's harder to make someone execute this than making someone download a Chrome extension.
if u found one hit me up i'm looking for one too
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