NFC Hacking References
by s4ltyt04st - Friday November 10, 2023 at 02:58 PM
Hi there,

I'm trying to look for any references for hacking NXP - Mifare DESFire EV1 4k NFC Card
This is a card for public transport from I city I've visited some time ago and I'm guessing if it's possible to get free travels Smile
Any good reference you know I can read to get more information into NFC Hacking in general I'll appreciate it.

Thanks in advance
I have recently dove deep into this world since I have been playing with the flipper and proxmark3. I hate to say it but what you are looking to do is probably not going to happen. At least in my research I haven't found a way. Some NFC you can clone but the one you reference is quite difficult. Here is an interesting article I learned some things from:
It is pretty dry so put your big boy pants on and pour a large coffee.

Also, check this out. It's a little more enjoyable to read:
And if anyone has more info I would be interested in it as well.
It depends on the way that the card work, if just storage credentials maybe you can try to copy the info of some sequential bought cards and find out the credential sequence.
Then find out credential with credits or any with some kind of admin access.

Hope I helped you.

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