[Noob level DORK] Attempting to search accurate infos with search engines
by killuaisonfire - Sunday September 17, 2023 at 02:48 PM
For example you're searching a first+last name.
Then add "John" to only search theses terms. Sure you can do "John" "Smith" for example
Now you can add an other term to only search on a specific site (personnaly i directly search on-site):
"john" "smith" site:domain.tld
You can do that with all infos you get like a brute you'll may find the dude you searched.
This like one of the basics of google dorking,
Google Dorking is a powerful technique that can be used to uncover information that is not typically available through regular searches. Here are some advanced Google Dorking techniques:

Log files
Vulnerable web servers
Open FTP servers
ENV files
SSH private keys
Email lists
Live cameras
Sensitive documents
Financial data
Legal documents
Personally identifiable information
Personally identifiable financial information
Usernames and passwords
Cache operator
Related operator
Intitle operator
Inurl operator
Site operator
Filetype operator
Combination of operators

To harness the full potential of Google Dorking, it is important to master some specialized search operators. These operators will fine-tune search results and help find exactly what is being looked for. Some of the common query operators in Google Dorking include search modifiers, which allow finding specific information that may not be accessible through traditional search methods. Some advanced Google Dorking techniques include searching for log files, vulnerable web servers, open FTP servers, ENV files, SSH private keys, email lists, live cameras, sensitive documents, financial data, legal documents, personally identifiable information, personally identifiable financial information, usernames and passwords, and more. It is important to use Google Dorking techniques responsibly and ethically, as they can be used for malicious purposes.

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