Nude AI model
by cuteshiny - Saturday August 19, 2023 at 11:33 AM
hello breachs ... i need AI to change cloth but i need to training it  to generate Nude image 
Or just AI model to generate Nude image from image
So i give it image to Me and give back to me an image to Me but without cloth Kappa

I've heard about this but i can't find it .... i find some stuff on github but it's still nothing

if you can help me thank i will not pay for this stuff so if you have offer for 1000$ don't offer that to me Instead of that i can pay for you with service not mony .. thanks
I found it on a telegram channel, you can search for it with snapdress bot or something.
You have an awful grammar, but I think you mean DeepNude, here's a link

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