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Ongezellig is a slice of life webtoon created by the Dutch animator Studio Massa. Six deels (episodes) tell the story of three adopted sisters named Maya, Coco and Mymy going through their lives.

Coco (Merel Does) is an air-headed "White" archetype originally from South Africa. She attempts to involve Maya in social activities because she knows that Maya has no friends. She is the most "normal" of the main characters and serves as the introduction point for the audience; however, she is still riddled with complexities which emerge later on, such as her inability to perceive subtlety or nuance, and her over-literal interpretation of what others have to say. This comes to a tragic head early on in the story when she interprets Maya's browsing history as a history compendium. The real reason why Coco got adopted is that her 2 parents died for some unknown reason which should not be discussed or looked further into.

Maya (Robin Barten) is a shy girl of Indonesian descent hailing from Brabant, Belgium. She is the ONLY one of the 3 girl who wasn't adopted. At a young age, she was diagnosed with ADD, which is English for "Autism Denial Disorder". Maya is the stereotypical NEET but female, and as such suffers from immense social withdrawal. She is a dependent and introverted young girl with few friends, and is reluctant or unable to communicate with other people due to her crippling autism. Unlike a stereotypical hero, she is more apathetic and reluctant than courageous, and tends to be passive in her relationships. Her social anxiety leads her to doubt the value of her existence, to be disheartened, and to seek a raison d'ĂȘtre; she attempts to full this void by watching anime and performing tech support for Coco.

Originally from Nagasaki, Mymy (Joyce Ter Stege) became a fervent Dutch nationalist upon moving abroad. She is depicted on the exterior as deeply self-centered and egotistical; however, on the inside, Mymy suffers from extensive self-hatred as she cannot accept her Japanese, so much so that she even wears blue contact lenses and pretends to be from Japsterdam, Drenthe. This inner conflict defines her character arc as well as her relationship with Maya due to the latter's enjoyment of anime, which Mymy views as "decadent oriental cartoons." Her hatred towards her original culture comes from the fact that her biological parent hated her so much that they left her for adoption, which hit her very hard. In fact, there have been speculations that Mymy is behind the nuking of Nagasaki (as well as other crimes against Japan), because her older sister has been looking for her around the Netherlands, presumably to bring honor and justice.

Ongezellig is available on YouTube:
A fan-made English dub using AI-generated voices is available on YouTube:
You can support Ongezellig and its creator on the Dutch version of Patreon,

inb4 wrong category, it's not. Anime is a cartoon and this is a cartoon, just in a Western artstyle, and spoken in a Western language, instead of Japanese.
Thanks for sharing, I think it can be tried.
I have watched the film you recommended to me. Its storyline and style of painting touched me very much. I like this film very much.

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