All repos, many employee logins etc of one of the biggest Brazilian travel companies
by seize - Wednesday September 20, 2023 at 07:55 AM
This company is one of the largest travel companies in Brazil, worth $100.000.000m+
(Brazil equivalent of Amadeus, Expedia, etc.)
This breach contains:
  • All of their repos (source code for everything)
  • Jira, Slack, GitHub, Jenkins, employee email logins
  • 7 Employee logins to their portals which allows you to book hotels for free
  • Access to multiple production and developer RDPs operating on their network
  • All DBs (SQL)
  • Internal access
  • VPN access to all of their VPN portals
  • Documentation
  • Multiple logs, including all bookings ever made on the platform
  • and much more
Price: 4 BTC (negotiable)

Be sure to bring proof of funds if reaching out.
Contact: me onsite or Telegram yuki
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Bumping Thread!

Please see first post for details. Thank you!
Hey I sent you a message PV, we can talk via TOX
Recommend making business only through MM
Bumping Thread!

Please see first post for details. Thank you!

(The Telegram link on post has changed by the way. Do take note).

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