by yivador274 - Monday January 8, 2024 at 09:18 AM
(01-16-2024, 09:42 PM)fl00d777 Wrote: Stuck on first flag. I think I need to become ellonmusk, but how? Have access to _profiler, looking for clues. can someone give me a hint plz?
Yes you are right, you need to become elonmusk, on code analysis this fact stands out that new users cannot be elonmusk.

However, this string comparison also yields the vulnerabiliy, you can register as EloNMusK for example. This way you can also login with your new user and impersonate that user.

Then grab the admincontroller and analyze its code, you can see how ti downloads files... this way you can achieve LFI and leverage this for further enumeration.

And finally the flag.

Stuck after the second flag.

Done successfully the attack with java.
But stuck on the machine, couldn't find any interesting file or program.

can someone give me a nudge ?
to open:

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