[Search User] Reach someone's profile faster and simply
by Frame - Saturday September 16, 2023 at 08:24 PM
Search User

So everytime i want to find someone's profile , i need to go to the bf like and add  breachforums.is/User-(the name of the user i want) .

And to solve that i thinked about a Search User feature , so the new people on the forum knows how to find a user's profile , because not everyone new knows that you need to add User-(user)
 to the link to find the user.

The Search by User feature prints the people's threads , and you still need to mention where the thread is or any word in the thread , but if you just want to reach the user profile , there's no feature to make it . So if someone mentions a user in the sb , and you want to find him but he doesn't have much threads , a feature to directly reach the user would help a lot .
Even when i started to be active here , i was confused of how to reach a certain user's profile without seeing him on posts or the sb.
(Idea) Places:
- Could be or above the sb , when the user gets mentioned , the search is very close .

[Image: lFoxQ0MG.png]

- Could be just on the /search (with maybe a preview of name and photo).

[Image: VFYr0jYd.png]

So i think a feature like Search User that redirects you to the user's profile would be helpful.
[Image: banner.png]

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