Spoof who an SMS is from using an SMS API
by DatePirate - Sunday December 17, 2023 at 07:55 PM
Spoof who an SMS is from using an SMS API

SMS Spoof allows you to send an SMS message to someone and change who it's from (the Sender). For example, you could send a message to someone and make the sender "Ex Girlfriend" and set the message body to "I'm Pregnant!!" In the images below, there's an example of how that will look on the recipient phone
Currently SMSSpoof only supports the Twilio SMS API. In the future there will be support for other SMS API's such as MessageBird, Sinch, Nexmo, etc...
▪️A Twilio ($10 referral (https://www.twilio.com/referral/EzTvu9)) account
▪️Any WebServer (Eg, NGINX/Apache)
▪️PHP version 5.3 or higher
Clone this repo into your WebServer document root
Quote:git clone https://github.com/vpn/SMSSpoof.git /var/www/SMSSpoof

Edit the config file (core/config.php) and add your AccountSID and AuthToken to the file. You can find your AccountSID and AuthToken within the Twilio Console. They can be seen in the image here

You need to uncomment the AccountSid and AuthToken elements in the $config array and add your details. It should look something like

$config = array(
        'AccountSid'        =>  'AC0a2e643f97adc9zzx19h527ghgt71967',
        'AuthToken'        =>  '71wvx21vx79uxuy2ywz92xzxwz657y3x'

To send a message to someone you need to go to the site http://yourwebsite.io/SMSSPoof/. How you access the website will depend on how you have set up your webserver.
You need to fill in all fields
▪️Sender - This is who you want the recipient to think the message is from. In my first example I was texting someone "I'm Pregnant" from their "Ex Girlfriend", so in that case the Sender would be Ex Girlfriend. There are some restrictions that limit what you can enter as the Sender, these restrictions are outlined in the Restrictions section, just below the form.
▪️Recipient - This is the number of who you want to send the message to. Make sure that the country that you are sending the message to supports Alphanumeric Sender ID's. A list of the supported countries can be seen in the Supported Countries section.
▪️Message - This is the body of the SMS that is being sent. You are limited to 160 characters. This is because after 160 characters messages are then concatenated and may display differently in international countries.
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