Taiwan Personal Info 1.13M have Email+Pheon
by OKE - Saturday June 17, 2023 at 11:40 AM
"1325238","G121523381","夏樹","男","1982-10-18","TW","宜蘭縣","265","0931391525",,,"[email protected]","高中","其他","200000-299999元","未婚","","2005-04-03 12:22:16","博愛路100巷47-1號3F"

"1325239","B222217914","李禹璇","女","1990-06-07","TW","台中市","406","24360878",,"0972-074207","[email protected]","國中及以下","學生","200000元以下","未婚","","2005-04-03 12:23:06","東山路一段147巷40弄5-4號"

"1325240","T223601960","林淑娟","女","1986-08-03","TW","屏東縣","907","08-7935113",,,"[email protected]","大學","學生",,"未婚","","2005-04-03 12:34:38","高朗村光明街22號"

"1325241","K121482039","劉政良","男","1974-07-06","TW","苗栗縣","351","037-594740",,"0926086995","[email protected]","碩士","資訊業","500000-599999元","未婚","","2005-04-03 12:44:37","光明街12巷10號"

"1325242","H124249918","王澤浩","男","1992-09-16","TW","桃園縣","320","034623798",,,"[email protected]","國中及以下","學生","200000元以下","未婚","","2005-04-03 12:50:51","永康三街21-2號6樓"

Download Links
01. https://anonfiles.com/J4xbj9x5z0/1_13M_7z[/align]
02. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ii56ihqi4...3M.7z/file
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thats alot bro wtf
nice job
thanks for the share
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That's the useful info. Thanks for sharing
So this is the same DB that has always been out there??? But smaller...?
thanks for share
Thank for sharing

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