Talk about your favorite movie star
by abd0804 - Wednesday September 20, 2023 at 01:56 AM
Will Smith is the best.
Seven pounds、Men in Black、I Am Legend and so on, I could watch these movies thousands of times. Heart
Seven Pound
I only fuck with Denzel Washington to be quite frankly
Tbh I like Matt Bomer aka Neal Caffrey From White Collar show, The best show I ever watched like If I had the ability to remove the Scenes and watch it again I'll do it
[Image: image.png]

Gary Oldman is my jam. Anything he's billed for, is great.
"Universal appeal is poison masquerading as medicine. Horror is not meant to be universal. It's meant to be personal, private, animal"
(09-20-2023, 01:57 AM)zehq1 Wrote: I only fuck with Denzel Washington to be quite frankly

That sounds like quite the evening.
Gianna Michaels is my favorite movie star
- bro , Brad Pitt in couple with Agelina Jolie was TOP
Never seen a bad acting of :  
 - anthony hopkins
 - al pacino
 - george clooney
 - tom cruise
 - will smith
 - til schweiger
 - IRON Downey MAN 
 - Keanu Matrix Wick
Charlie Chaplin

can add another 10 but
i prefer we talk about the best actress

I recomend to all the next movie :
Let me know what do You think when saw it !!
 Thank You
[Image: kj0215pd.png]
[Image: 1984.jpg]
My favorite movie star is Anne Hathaway.
I like Emilia Clarke. She is so lovely and funny,
this is lowkey hard tbh. leo decaprio is a safe pick. maybe denzel washington too.

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