The Skid dkota need money...
by skid_hunter - Saturday August 19, 2023 at 07:45 AM
dkota is broke asf and he is begging for server cost again lol donation thread

[Image: money.png]

5 hours ago was supposed to be an exchange with name "Lakecity exchange" but that domain was taken so I had to be creative and picked ""

The exchange is still in the works for couple months as I did not have time to finish it but aside from being an exchange, I also run a number of services on it, mainly an XMPP service which is free to use, and securely hosted on an dedicated, offshore server.

I do not generate any income out of it and I pay the rent (100 dollar a month) for it out of my pocket.

If you use XMPP and wish for it to continue being a thing, please consider donating! Any amount is not small



100$ a month for a xmpp server? lol
dkota is a fucking skid
[Image: bVjJl00.gif]
He should quit already instead of embarrassing himself for not having even 100 bucks

[Image: sb.png]
prob a broki livin in his moms house, i hope he goes broke and forums goes down
so ironic considering he calls others skids all the time. Don't forget the time he impersonated shinyhunters and made a fake alternate account on his forum pretending like shiny was selling the BF database LMAO
Only skids beg.
"Universal appeal is poison masquerading as medicine. Horror is not meant to be universal. It's meant to be personal, private, animal"
He should hack Breached and get his money that way, he has all the zero days

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