[for-Biggeners] identify WinMain function in Ghidra
by zelda - Friday February 9, 2024 at 11:16 PM
there is many methods for identifying the main function on C/C++
one of them is to identify the compiler so you can use it for your advantage
You can use IDA Pro Free to de-compile the source code on the cloud
But in This Post we will use Ghidra to identify WinMain function in C++
there is some notes make it in your concern  to understand the different between Main() and WinMain() and DllMain() in C/C++
1- WinMain() is Used For GUI (Non-Console ) Application.
2- Main() is Used For (Non-GUI) Application console Based .
3-DllMain() Is Used For a Dll's.
Before going into The Main Subject which is "simple"
let's take a pref look for the Compile Unicode
- in Windows programming, there are two main entry points for Windows applications: wmain and WinMain
The wmain entry point is used for Unicode (wide-character) applications,
The WinMain entry point is used for ANSI (narrow-character) applications
[Image: 1.png]
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