how to learn backend? i have done react.js
by tunknown02 - Friday June 16, 2023 at 08:17 PM
i have dont frontend, with html, css, js, tailwindcss, react. Now i wanna learn backend. Please suggest best path for the same Wink
You can learn about NodeJs, NodeJs comes with ReactJs quite nice   Wink
If you have some experience with python I recommend Django! Smile
If you already understand React.JS, then NextJS by Vercel are the go-to backend framework
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use some js reverse tools.. chatgpt not help
I recommend Node.js, Express.js/Fastify.js, Postgres for DB, Prisma ORM for database operations, and extra utility packages depending on the task such as Cloudinary for image upload.
Thanks bro
python buddy is best for the backlend
learn php
Good Wow

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