how to start soldering (shit list/buy guide)
by watermelon73 - Monday September 18, 2023 at 04:00 AM
this is what you need to buy to start soldering (this is what i use and they're all beginner and budget friendly 

iron - pinecil  PINECILPI its cheap and has really good temp control with customizable settings and curve of heat 
solder - Kester 24-6337-0027 Solder Roll, Core Size 66, 63/37 Alloy, 0.031" Diameter its the type of solder i personally use doesn't go cold on me and has resin core so you don't need as much flux

flux - MG Chemicals - 8341-10ML 8341 No Clean Flux Paste, 10 milliliters Pneumatic Dispenser it says no clean but please still use isopropyl alcohol to clean it so you don't burn out your components or have unexpected voltage jumps

wire - LotFancy 22AWG Stranded Wire, 6 Colors (26 Feet/8 M Each) Electrical Wire, UL Listed, Tinned Copper Hookup Wire Kit 22 Gauge 300V for DIY, Flexible, PVC Insulated this is what i use for when i need to put a lot of voltage into a board like console or pcb the delivers usb c charging or something 

wire2 - Remington Industries 34SNSP.25 34 AWG Magnet Wire, Enameled Copper Wire, 4 oz, 0.0069" Diameter this is what i normally use for data transferring or less power demanding connections like 3v just make sure to twist the wires with a drill for data transfer 

wire strippers - IRWIN VISE-GRIP Wire Stripper, 2 inch Jaw, Cuts 10-24 AWG these are the ones i use and they're very comfortable and have served me well 

that's all you really need for right now also you might want a solder sucker or desoldering wick il post some names here not in there own section 
Lesnow solder wick braid with flux 10ft Length Desoldering and ENGINEER Engineer Solder Suction Device SS-02 so yeah thats it ill go more in depth in a different post but that's what i bought
to get me started and what i still use just remember it takes practice and patience to learn if you want to start start on dead boards or boards with simple fixes to get comfortable 
and buy practice boards so if you're not comfortable working on real hardware you can work on assembly just got to start somewhere 

[Image: q5cpujg5.gif]
This is one of the tutorials of all time
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