is NFT a scam?
by SolSaberClub - Thursday September 21, 2023 at 01:16 PM
tell me what NFTs you're holding and why?
only banking system is scam
I don't hold any, and they're a scam in the sense that the value is based on hype that has died down already
yea crypto is just a hyped bubble
people who hold nfts as an investment are braindead
[Image: uZFh2NE.jpg]
Here everything is well explained
Yes it;s a scam.
It's a bubble. Lock in profits and move to the next trend
They're basically like the Art Auction circuit. Just invented for laundering money.
"Universal appeal is poison masquerading as medicine. Horror is not meant to be universal. It's meant to be personal, private, animal"
Is was good for anyone who made a lot of $$$. Like BTC, like USD, like EUR.

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