no longer enjoying hacking, moving to coding
by Godblessed - Tuesday September 19, 2023 at 03:04 PM
Hi friends! Some of you know me, some has to figure out yet, but I was always serious about hacking and business 
fun is reserved for SB chats
here we gotta be respectful while doing business

these last two months i have been dealing with the decision to quit hack for good
just fucking bored about everything
there is no more fun
its just too fucking easy

can't be all abot money right?
i have made plenty already for 2 lifes
dont enjoy fancy shit or fancy places so i dont need much anyways

thinking about backpacking for a while
what places do you guys recommend?
i need some real adventure in life

after my come back I probably going to code again
have not written anything worth since philadelphia days

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