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by Yaddmin - Sunday September 17, 2023 at 11:44 PM
 InfraGard and Airbus Hacker “USDoD” Unveils His New Campaigns
  “I’m Not Pro-Russia and I’m Not a Terrorist!” —- InfraGard and Airbus Hacker “USDoD” Unveils His New Campaigns
 September 17, 2023 by DISSENT

 Sweden’s Privacy Protection Agency fines insurer Trygg-Hansa
   Sweden’s Privacy Protection Agency fines insurer Trygg-Hansa for exposing sensitive customer data
 September 17, 2023 by DISSENT

 BlackCat ransomware hits Azure Storage with Sphynx encryptor
 September 17, 2023 by DISSENT

 FTX restores claims portal after security breach incident
 September 17, 2023 by DISSENT 

 Personal Data Protection Commissioner of Singapore announces two decisions
 September 17, 2023 by DISSENT 
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(09-18-2023, 08:56 PM)Nimori Wrote: Is this some sort of newsletter?

Yes, if You enjoy it 
 I will complete it with news and indicate dates
i plan to keep refreshed all my threads this way
Sounds interesting
noPe, i don't think i will work for Twitter =)
@USDoD dude is gay

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