Daily Cybersecurity Roundup, August 14, 2023
by sunj9710 - Tuesday August 15, 2023 at 01:49 AM
The MOVEit attack is still not in the past as new victims continue to emerge. A Colorado entity disclosed falling victim to a data breach due to an attack on a third-party. The incident has impacted a staggering four million. Once again. we are back with an instance of an unsecured cloud storage instance. The open database belonged to a U.K government contractor and exposed thousands of sensitive records. Shifting gears to human error, the Cumbria police made one. Read along for more details.

01、The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (HCPF) is notifying over four million individuals of a data breach that exposed their personal and health information. The breach was the result of the MOVEit attack on IBM.

02、An unsecured S3 instance belonging to the U.K government contractor MPD FM exposed 16,000 sensitive records, including employee passports, visas, national IDs, driving licenses, birth certificates, bank statements, and others.

03、The Anonymous Italia Collective claimed to have attacked 21 Japanese government and other websites related to the Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Plant, in an operation named Tango Down.

04、Cumbria Police, the U.K, accidentally published the names and salaries of over 2,000 of its staff online due to a human error, resulting in a data breach. The incident occurred on March 6.

05、The Monti ransomware group has returned with a new Linux-based variant, demonstrating significant differences from its previous versions and targeting legal and governmental institutions.

06、The Knight ransomware, a rebranded version of Cyclops ransomware-as-a-service, was spotted being distributed through a spam campaign disguised as TripAdvisor complaints.

07、An analysis by the DHS revealed that the Lapsus$ extortion group used SIM swapping and social engineering techniques to breach high-profile companies and steal confidential information.

08、Numerous U.S. government, university, and professional websites have been unlawfully accessed, exploiting children by enticing them to download apps or provide personal details for false rewards. These fraudulent activities are associated with the advertising firm CPABuild.

09、A team of researchers developed the MaginotDNS cache poisoning attack that targets Conditional DNS (CDNS) resolvers and can compromise entire top-level domains.

10、Biometric identification solutions provider Sentry Enterprises raised $13 million in a Series D funding round. It also announced the acquisition of X-Core Technologies at the same time as the investment.

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